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1) a simple file with the same name as this program, which is a simple demo of the program, a list of mp3s and the display of the C64 versions of the mp3s. 2) a very simple adpater for the C64 to support more than just mp3s. I hope that's clear, if not, write to me and I'll try to explain. The list of mp3s is generated automatically by "phonemasters" as mp3s and displays properly on a C64. But the "download" program doesn't do that, it just downloads a file that, when opened, generates a menu that displays the mp3s and nothing else. I don't know what else to say about this program, it's not really a program, it's just a list of mp3s. And yes, I've used it successfully. The files work as they should. This is my favorite program of all time, and it's completely based on this program.July 11, 2016 Our next panel on "When Computers Were Young" took place during the recent Reunion Weekends in Valley Forge. Our topic was "When Computers Were Young - A History Lesson for the 21st Century". Our panelists included Ray McDermott, Michael McCaffrey, Terri McDermott, and Philip L. Schmiedel. We began the discussion with a brief outline of the history of computers - from mechanical calculating devices in the 18th century through to today's smart phones. From there we moved to an interactive discussion of when computer technology was first implemented in various businesses. The final segment of the panel focused on how computer technology is changing the way we do business, the way we live, and how we understand the world. Ray shared his personal story about the impact his computer systems have had on his life, and Terri shared her own experiences. Finally, Ray and Terri provided some closing remarks, including a challenge to all of us to continue to work to make computers a part of our everyday lives. In addition to this panel, the Reunion Group has several more panel sessions planned over the coming weeks, so be sure to check the schedule. This slideshow requires JavaScript. We always look forward to meeting new members of the Reunion Group. If you are interested in attending a future panel, please drop by our table in our fellowship hall and you will be more than welcome




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Windows7loaderv179bydaztorrentdownload enrfel

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